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Who we are

The University of Oviedo is one of the ten oldest universities in Spain. In its 400 hundred years of history since the official opening day in 1608, this university has always had a relevant position regarding the creation and transfer of knowledge in Asturias, a region in the north of Spain that has only one institution of higher education. More than 27,000 students, 2.000 lecturers and 1,000 staff build up a community devoted to education, research, and technological and knowledge transfer to the Asturian society.

Ad Futurum. From the 17th to the 21st century: Looking back, looking ahead

Nowadays, Ad Futurum, is the most ambitious plan developed by the University of Oviedo; thanks to this project, in November 2009, the University of Oviedo was awarded with the Campus of International Excellence, an initiative within the University Strategy 2015, which is aimed at modernising Spanish universities and improve their internationalization and specialization.

Ad Futurum was one of the nine proposals awarded with the Campus of International Excellence by the Ministry of Education. The proposal of the University of Oviedo was also awarded with the Campus of Excellence in Research and Transfer in the field of Energy, a recognition granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. In the 2010 call, the Asturian institution was also supported by the Reinforcement Sub-programme (Ministry of Education) and INNOCAMPUS (Ministry of Science and Innovation).

This project relies on the strategic alliance of more than 300 regional and national institutions, in addition to French and German Universities awarded with Excellence in their respective countries, and Asturian institutions from Europe and Iberoamerica. Ad Futurum promotes Research, Development and Innovation in Asturias as well as the specialization in two branches of knowledge: Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and Biomedicine and Health. This project is intended to promote internationalization and encourage the collaboration with companies and the whole society, as well as the creation of green educational Campuses integrated in the urban and social environment of a green region.

Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Government of the Principality of Asturias in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence