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International Agreements


The University of Oviedo is an institution with a long tradition in the field of cooperation agreements with universities and institutions from all over the world. Nowadays, the Asturian academic institution has got mobility agreements with students and lecturers and research projects and cooperation agreements with universities from more than 50 countries on a global scale.

Programmes such as the Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus and Alfa, the specific agreements and the Spanish courses provide foreign students with the opportunity to study in the University of Oviedo. At the same time, the Asturian academic institution offers more than 1,500 places for students willing to continue or extend their education in our institution. In the field of Development Cooperation, together with the institutions supporting Ad Futurum (the Asturian Agency for Cooperation Development and Caritas), the students of the University of Oviedo are offered internships in solidarity organizations in Latin American, African and Asian countries.

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