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Specific Degrees and Continuous Education

The specific courses of the University of Oviedo complement the set of official curricular courses and form altogether a structure of advanced learning and training courses which shape that specific, modern and flexible profile of the University. These courses are the answer to the general, specialized, or professional training demands of our society in relation to the experimental sciences, the health, the social and juridical sciences, the technical learning or the humanities.

The University of Oviedo promotes four specific courses:


Master courses which are the highest and the longest speciality studies. They require at least 60 ECTS. The requirement to apply for these courses is to have an official Degree.


University specialist courses require, at least, 35 ECTs.


The University Expert courses require at least 20 ECTS.

The requirement to apply for these Expert or Specialist courses is to have a university Degree. Professionals directly related to the specialty of the course will be exceptionally admitted even if they lack the required Degree upon proof of their profession and if they are legally able to take studies at the University.

Specific Degrees

Specific Degrees as long-term studies. They may be first-cycle, second cycle or both. Currently, the University of Oviedo has just first-cycle course on Criminology. In order to take these studies, the student must satisfied legal requirements for University access.

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