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Pre-Registration and Registration

Students willing to access a Specific Degree offered by the University of Oviedo must pre-register on the Internet or at the International Graduate Centre.

Access requirements and the necessary documentation that students must submit are on the confirmation sheet that must be printed after pre-registering or registering.






Issue of an invoice for enrolment in the name of the student and paid by the student:  

Invoices are issued at the request of the recipient of the academic service as these are academic services exempt from VAT (art. 20 of Law 37/92, 28 December), and payment will not be made by means of a letter of payment but by the invoice. In order to issue an invoice, the due date established for enrolment will be taken into account. This is the concept to be invoiced and it must be made before the 16th day of the month following the month in which the operations have been carried out. It should be noted that Article 106.4 of the General Tax Law, on means and assessment of evidence, states that, deductible expenses and deductions made, when they arise from transactions carried out by entrepreneurs or professionals, must be justified, as a matter of priority, by means of the invoice issued by the entrepreneur or professional who carried out the corresponding transaction or by means of the substitute document issued when the transaction was carried out, which in both cases meet the requirements set out in the tax regulations' . That is to say, even when the recipient is either an entrepreneur or a tradesperson, the possibility of a "replacement document " is allowed; even truer when the recipient is not an entrepreneur nor a tradesperson.  


Issue of invoice for enrolment in the name of the student and paid by a third party company or entity:  

The student will carry out the enrolment but will not proceed with the payment of the enrolment fee. Instead, the student  will communicate the request for the issuing of an invoice to a third party. The concept of the invoice issued in this way must state that the invoice is issued for the purpose of payment of the student's enrolment fee. The issuing of an invoice to a third party requires the company or entity to fill in the University's third party creditors registration document (University of Oviedo Data Bank details form) and to attach a copy of their Tax Identification Code (CIF).  


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