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Frequently asked questions referred to Specific Degrees

Which are the degrees which allow the access to specific degrees? It depends on the type of studies: to study a Master's degree, an university Expert or Specialist scourse, it is required to own an official University Degree; exceptionally professionals directly linked to the speciality even if they don't have a university degree may be admitted, provided that they certify this professionalism and they meet all the legal requirements to study at the University. Specific access requirements and the documents the applicant must provide can be found in the educational offer of each course. Referring to Degree is required to have passed the University entrance test.

Which is the difference among Master's Degrees, Specialist and Expert courses? The main difference is the academic load. The school dedication for Master's degrees will be a minimum number of 60 credits and a maximum number of 120 from which, at least 10 must correspond with the execution of a final project. The school dedication from the University Specialist Ustudies will be at least 35 credits and less than 60, this may include the execution of a final project whose dedication won't be more than 5 credits. Expert courses will have a school dedication of at least 20 credits and less than 35, this may include the execution of a project whose dedication won't be more than 3 credits.

Do Master's degrees give access to PhD studies? Those master's degrees which take part of the educational offer of Specific Degrees don't give access to PhD studies. Those which give access to PhD studies are University Master's Degrees.

Which is difference between a University Master's Degree and a Specific Master's Degrees? Specific Master's Degrees are different from the official ones and they don't allow the entrance into PhD studies. They are teachings provided by the University of Oviedo with the particular purposes of meeting specific requirements on the labour market and establishing collaborative relationships with institutions and companies, aimed at both the corporate sponsorship of postgraduate activities, as well as facilitating knowledge updating by giving graduates the chance of their professional development. This kind of master's degrees encourages the participation of renowned teachers who don't belong to the University of Oviedo.

Are all the Specific Degrees which appear in the educational offer of University of Oviedo taught every year? A minimum number of registered students is required, so it is possible that some specific degree are not taught that year. The educational offer is renewed every year.

Is the attendance compulsory? Yes, the attendance is compulsory and a minimum percentage of attendance must be completed, as it is contained in the educational offer.

Is there a distance learning course? In the current syllabus, the "UNIVERSITY EXPERT IN INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS" is taught at distance.

Which is the process to register in a Specific Degree? You must pre-register online, print the receipt of this pre-registration, attach all the certified photocopies of all the documents which are required in that receipt and submit it in any of the registries of the University. Once the pre-registration period is over, a list of admitted candidates, will be published. You must check this list. In case you're admitted, you can do the registration, when the deadline for this purpose is opened.

Can I register at any time? No, each course has its own pre-registration and registration deadline; you must pay attention to these deadlines, which appear in the educational offer of each degree.

Can I formalize the pre-registration in person? Those students who want to start any of the Specific Degrees offered by the University of Oviedo, must carry out the pre-registration through Internet.

What if I don't have all the documents to submit yet? You can attach them as soon as you get them, and send them to the Head of the International Graduate Centre, through the registries of the university. However, you should take into account that such documents are the ones that coordinators are going to use to grade students and elaborate the lists of admitted candidates. If you don't submit those certificates which are entrance requirement, you might get excluded or your admission can be subjected to the submission of those documents, so even if you provide the required documents later, pay attention to the deadlines.

If I'm on the waiting list, what do I have to do? You must wait until the deadline to reserve posts aimed to those students who are admitted is over. Just in case that some of them do not reserve his/her post and, he/she thus loses it, we will call those students on the waiting list.

If I'm excluded, what shall I do? You should analyze which the causes of your exclusion are.

Which grants can I apply for if I want to perform Specific Degrees? Some degrees have their own grants and subsidies, which are detailed in the syllabus of each course.

Can I validate any subject from Specific master's degrees? The subjects from studies which lead to the awarding of any of the Specific Degrees, such as Master's degrees, Specialists and Experts from the University of Oviedo cannot be validated by any previous subject.

Can I register in person? You can do it through Internet, but there are some exceptions: students who must do the registration of 2nd and 3rd course in the Specific Degree in Criminology and those students from the Specific Degree in University Expert in Asturian Philology and University Specialist in Asturian Philology which must register just in some subjects, will formalize the registration in the offices of the International Graduate Centre in the deadline established for such effect.

Which documents do I have to add when formalizing the registration? You don't have to add any documents, as they were already presented when you pre-registered. Once you're registered, you must print the registration receipt, sign it and send it accompanied by a payment letter stamped by the bank which justifies that you have paid all the fees.

Can I split the registration fees payment? No, you can't.

What if I register and then I want to cancel this registration? You must ask for a cancellation, through a writing aimed to the Head of the International Graduate Centre, but you should know that you will only be entitle to get a refund if the cancellation was caused by the administration.

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