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International Students

The graduate programs offered by the University of Oviedo cover all branches of knowledge, and they are fully adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EEES) so all degrees are officially recognized in all countries of the EU. On a general basis, these programs last a minimum of one academic year full time (60 ECTS credits) and a maximum of two academic years (120 ECTS credits). Once the studies are completed students shall elaborate a Master´s Thesis.

The International Graduate Center is responsible for University Masters´ Degrees and PhD Programs available for students.

Masters´ Degrees

The University of Oviedo, with more than 400 hundred years of history, hosts students every year to undertake master studies in any of the 50 official degrees available. Students come to our University to undertake master studies, earn a double degree or undertake an Erasmus Mundus Master Course.

Student mobility programs:

Students may join these mobility programs in order to complete some credits of any of the official degrees offered by the University of Oviedo. Moreover, students may benefit from the subsidies offered by the Erasmus + program (students belonging to the EHEA) or other agreements (students not belonging to the EHEA).

Information related to Universities that have signed MOBILITY AGREEMENTS with our institution and the available studies is detailed below:

Double Degrees

The University of Oviedo has signed agreements with foreign academic institutions which allow students to earn a double degree undertaking part of their studies in a similar or complementary master course. Upon successful completion, the student shall earn two degrees: one by the University of Oviedo and one by the partner institution.

Erasmus Mundus Master Courses

The University of Oviedo includes six Erasmus Mundus Master courses in its academic offering. These are official master courses and have been awarded with the "Erasmus Mundus" seal by the European Union, as they are considered specific graduate training aimed at strengthening international links.

These master courses are delivered by a consortium of universities, and students must undertake part of their studies in at least two institutions of the participating countries.

The European Union offers scholarships for Erasmus Mundus Master Courses. Detailed information is available on the website of each master program or on the following link:

Pre-registration and registration deadlines are different for each program. For further information, please contact:

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