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Access and Admission

To pre-register in a Master's Degree, students must hold a university degree that entitles them to access master studies.

You can also pre-register if:

  • You haven't finished your studies yet. In such case, admission will be subject to obtaining such degree before the registration deadline and to maintaining the average grade specified when applying.
  • If you are a student from a university where exam sessions take place in September, you may pre-register and reserve a study place. Admission will be subject to completing the degree before, 1 October, date in which the student will need to complete the registration in the programme. It is essential that students inform about this situation to the International Graduate Centre before the end of the official registration period.

All students who wish to pre-register in any of the Master's Degrees offered by this University must check if they meet the general and specific entry requirements.

  • General entry requirements. (attachment)
  • Specific entry requirements. Each Master Course has specific entry requirements that are available in the specific webpage of each Master programme, under the "entry requirements" section.

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