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Actividades de formación específica (2021)

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WEBINARS DEL G9 - 2021  - Todos los miercoles desde el 3 de marzo hasta el 7 de julio de 2021 se ofrecerán sucesivas sesiones en inglés que abarcan aspectos indispensables en la difusión de la investigación y la actividad doctoral en ingles. El seguimiento de cada webinar requiere inscripción en los correspondientes enlaces a cada sesión. La inscripción es gratuita y el máximo de asistentes es de quinientos. Se reproducen los enlaces para la inscripción y seguimiento asi como breve descripción de cada webinar

 Please find attached the booking links for all 18 webinars. If you would be able to make it clear in your marketing that these are 17hr CET time so as to avoid any confusion with BST time zone appearing on the booking links if someone forgets to select ‘show in my time zone’ when registering. Many thanks.

Peer review: How to do it and survive it to get your papers published?


In this webinar learn about the different types of Peer Review. Find out who are the Peer Reviewers and learn how to deal with a ‘Revise and Resubmit” decision which is one of the most common outcomes of the peer review process.

Grant Proposal Writing

Successful grant writing is both an art and a science and in this webinar we try and simplify Grant Proposal writing for you. Successful grant writing is both an art and a science. In this webinar we will outlines the process, help you understand the parts of a Request for Proposal (RFP) and explains what to consider while drafting your Grant Proposal. We explain how to identify the right funders for your research and look at Grant databases; providing guidelines on how to seek and access the right Grant Fund.

Why Papers get rejected

This webinar will discuss the most common reasons as to why academic papers get rejected. We will discuss how to respond to reviewers and communicate with and managing editors and share valuable tips for re-submission.   

How to write and publish your papers in high impact journals

Aim high with your research publications and learn how to write and submit your work effectively to great journals. Our webinar will teach you essential tips and tricks to enable you to achieve your writing aspirations by publishing your research in high impact journals.

What to do when research goes wrong

In this webinar you will learn about what could possibly go wrong, anticipating challenges, how to respond to unexpected outcomes and becoming a better researcher.

Publication Ethics

Managing and staying on the right side of publication ethics can be confusing for researchers. In this webinar, we outline common ethical issues encountered in academic publishing, including plagiarism, one of the most common reasons for article rejection from international journals.

Effective public speaking

Presentation and public-speaking skills can be learned. This webinar provides helpful hints and tips when presenting your research to different stakeholders. 

Planning for an academic conference

Academic conferences are huge networking opportunities that can make or break careers. Learn some key skills to maximise your time. We will also look at how to design, create, and produce a conference poster that people will remember.

Performing well in an academic interview

This webinar discusses academic careers and gives important guidelines that could help you land your first job in academia. The webinar addresses the difficult questions every job seeker in academia faces about drafting a CV, prepping for an interview and managing a digital presence.

Identifying the Key sell in your research

Ensure that you show editors you are taking this process seriously. How to maximise your chances of publication in your target journal after review. Manage comments on your work and don’t be afraid of talking with editors.

Get on top of your statistics and data presentation

Presenting data in an attractive manner and making sure your analyses are watertight can make or break a study.

Planning and Managing the research process

This webinar will look at effective collaboration and how it can further your perspective, popularise your work, and help gain research funding. It also looks at why you need to network and will provide helpful insights into ways to make your network grow. Managing research teams and colleagues is also covered, alongside a discussion on key skills needed to present and promote your research.

Key skills for Early Career Researchers

This webinar will examine some of the core research, networking, publication and professional skills needed by ECR’s irrespective of discipline. 

Why should I publish open access?

This webinar provides an introduction to Open Access for researchers. It will discuss the different Open Access publishing models and look at the benefits and challenges of OA publishing. 

Open Science and Open Data

Open science is a practice that allows for greater access and more communication and collaboration among researchers. Open Science is more transparent and involves a collaborative sharing of knowledge broadly. This webinar looks at Open Science in detail and how it differentiates from Open Access.

Researcher well-being and imposter syndrome

Researcher wellbeing and mental health awareness have been a hot topic in academia and among research policy officers. we talk about how anxiety and depression affect academia and how we need to tackle it. Scientists and academicians are sometimes vulnerable to the "imposter syndrome or imposter phenomenon". They start to have difficulties in internalizing their own success. We talk about what impostor syndrome/phenomenon/experience is and what it is not.

Branding yourself as a researcher

This webinar will help you maximise your impact as a researcher. It will look at media teams and how you can work with them, how to write effective press releases about your research, getting news items published, how to write an engaging blog and how to maximise the reach and dissemination of your research.

Common Scientific Writing Mistakes made by non-native English writers

Learn how to avoid common scientific writing mistakes, focus and hone your writing skills to become more effective. The Charlesworth education team will take you through the process of effective scientific paper-writing in English

WebinarNew DateBooking Link 
Peer review: How to do it and survive it to get your papers published?3rd March
Grant proposal writing 10th March
How to write and publish your papers in high impact journals 17th March
Why papers get rejected?24-mar
What to do when research goes wrong7th April
Publication Ethics14th April
Effective public speaking 21-abr
Planning for an academic conference28-abr
Performing well in an academic interview5th May
Identifying the key sell in your research12th May
Statistics and data presentation explained 19th May
Planning and managing the research process 26-may
Key skills for Early Career Researchers (ECR) 2nd June
Why should I publish in Open Access?9th June
Open Science and Open Data16-jun
Researcher well being and imposter syndrome23-jun
Branding yourself as a researcher30-jun
Common scientific writing mistakes made by non-native English writers 07-jul


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