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International Students

The graduate programs offered by the University of Oviedo cover all branches of knowledge, and they are fully adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EEES) so all degrees are officially recognized in all countries of the EU. On a general basis, these programs last a minimum of one academic year full time (60 ECTS credits) and a maximum of two academic years (120 ECTS credits). Once the studies are completed students shall elaborate a Master´s Thesis.

The International Graduate Center is responsible for University Masters´ Degrees and PhD Programs available for students.

PhD studies

The University of Oviedo offers a wide range of PhD programs. Nowadays, there are 39 agreements with European, American and Australian institutions that allow foreign students to come to our university for a research stay or to develop their PhD Thesis under co-supervision.

The chart below includes information related to all the Universities that have signed agreements with our institution to carry out a PhD mobility supported by scholarships provided by Erasmus + or other Agreements.

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Theses under co-supervision

PhD Theses under co-supervision allow graduates to earn the PhD Degree by both universities, making reference to the co-supervision.

In order to defend a thesis under co-supervision, the University of Oviedo shall sign a co-supervision agreement with the host institution, and the PhD student will be assigned two thesis directors who will supervise the development of the thesis.

Throughout the three years required to finish the studies, the PhD student shall join a mobility period of at least nine months at the University of Oviedo. Afterwards, the thesis will be deposited in both universities, but it will only be defended once, either at the University of Oviedo or at the partner university.

All the requirements to be awarded this co-supervision mention are included in the Procedures for the co-supervision of PhD Theses between the University of Oviedo and a foreign university and in the Regulation of PhD Studies of the University of Oviedo

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Other mobilities

The University of Oviedo takes part in three Erasmus Mundus Programs Action 2, funded by the European Union and aimed at promoting the mobility of students, thus offering subsidies for Master, PhD and Post-Doctoral studies.

The programs in which the University of Oviedo participates, either as coordinating or partner university, are the following:


Proyecto financiado por el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte y por el Gobierno del Principado de Asturias en el marco del programa Campus de Excelencia Internacional