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Development of the PhD studies



  • Assignment of programme director
  • Submission of the Research Plan and the Supervision Agreement
  • Monitoring of the Research Plan
  • Renewal of academic tutelage
  • Incidents (change of tutor/director, change of PhD programme, temporary leave)
  • Forms

Assignment of director

Within three months after being admitted and completing the registration process, the Academic Committee of the corresponding PhD Programme must assign a director to the new doctoral student. Director are selected among teachers of the PhD Programme, and once chosen they will also as researchers who will lead students during the preparation of their doctoral thesis, as well as provide them with access to the tools they need to carry out their work, ensure the dissemination of their results and promote their stay in other universities.

Submission of the Research Plan and the Supervision Agreement

Within six months after being admitted and completing the registration process, and once a director has been assigned, the doctoral student shall submit a Research Plan to the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme. This Research Plan will have to comprise at least the title of the doctoral thesis, the general objectives, the hypothesis and the work plan.

The Research Plan must be endorsed by the director and tutor, and must have been approved by the department to which the thesis director belongs.

If the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme approves the Research Plan, the doctoral student, the director, the tutor and the vice-rector in charge of PhD Studies will sign a Supervision Agreement containing the agreement of all parties to develop the doctoral thesis.

Monitoring of the Research Plan

The Research Plan will be subject to an annual monitoring process. In order to achieve this, the Academic Committee of the PhD Programme will assess the development of the plan on the dates set by the International Graduate Centre. The doctoral student will have to explain to the Monitoring Committee the work that he/she has carried out in the corresponding academic year. Once the Monitoring Committee has hear the progress and has listened to the thesis director, they will submit an assessment report of the work carried out, and if deemed appropriate, they will recommend supplementary training activities to the doctoral student.

If the Committee issues a negative assessment, the doctoral student will be assessed again within six months. Two consecutive negative assessments will mean the dismissal of the doctoral student from the programme.

Renewal of academic tutelage

The student's registration in the PhD Programme must be renewed each academic year in the International Graduate Centre, until the submission of the doctoral thesis. To do this, it is necessary to submit the assessment report of the Research Plan issued by the Monitoring Committee.


Change of tutor or director

If there are justified reasons, students may issue a request to the Academic Committee to have their assigned tutor or director changed. The Academic Committee will make a decision once the parties involved have been heard.

Change of PhD Programme

Students may, at any given time during the research period, request to change their PhD Programme. The request must be submitted to the PhD Committee and they will make a decision once the Academic Committees of the programmes involved have been heard.

Temporary leave

Students can request a temporary leave from a PhD Programme during one o several academic years. They must submit said request to the Academic Committee and explain the reasons for such a request. If the Academic Committee agrees, students will not have to register in the Programme during their leave.


PhD Student’s Activities Notebook

The University of Oviedo Regulation on PhD Studies provides for an individualized record of control of the research training activities carried out by the PhD student. This record is materialized in the PhD Student’s Activities Notebook that must be regularly reviewed by the Tutor and the PhD Thesis director and also evaluated by the Academic Committee of the PhD Program. In order to comply with this provision, the "PhD’s Activities Notebook" is now available via a new web interface created in 2020. It must be periodically updated by the PhD Student.

This new web interface for the PhD Student’s Activities Notebook is linked to the PhD Studies Website of the University of Oviedo. This Notebook includes several folders for each one of the activities of the PhD Students, which must periodically add the documentary evidence of their progress in their research training. This Notebook is accessible to all persons involved in the PhD Student’s training: PhD Director, Tutor, PhD Program Coordinator, and Academic Committee of the corresponding PhD Program.

• The Notebook is housed in the PhD Studies Website (, and it is permanently open for updating

• The users’ guide is housed in the same website as well

In this Notebook, the PhD Student must use the folders structure to include the different certificates or documents used to justify the PhD Student’s merits and activities. These folders have different profiles and they correspond to the different training activities of the PhD Student. When hosting each of these documents, each one of these training activities must be defined with the greatest precision, since its provided name will act as a description of the action carried out. This denomination will use upper and lower case letters. The folders options are the next ones:

1. SPECIFIC TRAINING ACTIVITIES (in the PhD Program). The place and date of the activity must be indicated as well.

2. RESEARCH STAYS IN OTHER CENTERS. The research organization or institute, the timeframe and the nature of the research stay must be indicated as well.

3. ASSISTANCE TO MEETINGS, CONFERENCES AND SEMINARS. The place and date must be indicated as well.

4. COMMUNICATIONS AT CONFERENCES. The congress name, place and date must be indicated as well.

5. PUBLICATIONS. The full reference of the publication must be indicated as well.

6. FELLOWSHIPS/SCHOLARSHIPS. The name of the granting agency, the timeframe and the object of this funding must be indicated as well.

7. OTHERS. Other relevant activities must be included here, if they do not fit in the previous folders.

8. PhD Students from 2018-2019 academic course and earlier ones: they will attach a simple copy of their old PhD’s Activities Notebook

  • Note: The future Cross/Transversal Training Activities, already completed, will be recorded ex officio in the PhD Student's file.


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