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Ad Futurum From A to Z

  • Promotion of entrepreneurial culture (FUTEMPRENDE)

    It is a cross value in the Campus of International Excellence of the University of Oviedo and is intended to promote, disseminate and foster the entrepreneurial culture in the University community.

  • Efficient management (FUTGES)

    Ad Futurum is intended to promote the efficient management of the virtual academic offer and group related degrees in order to share and optimize the available resources.

  • Gender equality (FUTGEN)

    The Campus of International Excellence of the University of Oviedo is clearly committed to gender equality and it is a cross value in the project Ad Futurum.

  • Integrating in the territory

    In order to integrate the University of Oviedo in its environment it is necessary to define common action lines that allow for the personal collaboration and the joint use of resources, areas and facilities.

  • Internationalization (FUTINT)

    The project lead by the University of Oviedo includes internationalization as one of its key elements in order to improve the international visibility of the institution and increase the number of foreign students, lecturers and researchers that make up this multi-cultural university.

  • High quality research

    According to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), Ad Futurum is set to promote competitive research by means of the creation of an International Graduate Centre and an International PhD School, the development of R & D infrastructures, and the increase in the number of specialized researchers in key sectors.

  • Mentoring (FUTMENT)

    One of the main objectives of Ad Futurum is the enhancement of the transfer of knowledge and research results to society. Therefore, several lines are included in order to improve the support to junior lecturers and to optimize the transfer rate.

  • Comprehensive social model

    University campuses must be areas set to foster the integration of the university life and to promote the participation of the groups of interest from outside the university and their collaboration in non-academic activities.

  • Relationship with the business sector (FUTEMPRESA)

    Ad Futurum is committed to reinforce the links between the university and the business sector by achieving a stronger integration with the industry and promoting the employability of the graduates of the University of Oviedo.

  • Campus reorganization

    The Campus of Excellence plans to optimize the distribution of the areas of the University of Oviedo, grouping related degrees of a branch of knowledge in the same campus. In addition, the project aims to design green, educational and sustainable campuses.

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