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Ad Futurum From A to Z

  • Adaptation to the EHEA

    The Campus of International Excellence of the University of Oviedo is set to renew and reorganize the academic offer and the university areas in order to adapt to the European Higher Education Area.

  • Ad Futurum

    This is the official name of the proposal presented by the University of Oviedo to the Campus of International Excellence call 2009. The title "Ad Futurum: looking back, looking ahead" summarizes the nature of an institution strongly rooted in our society and looking to the future.

  • Strategic alliance

    The project of the University of Oviedo relies on the support of more than 200 institutions, companies, foundations and other entities that have stated their specific commitment to the strategic plan presented by the institution or to one of the new clusters.

  • Change in the industry of the region

    Ad Futurum is clearly committed to create an Asturian Ecosystem of Knowledge in order to lead a change from the traditional polluting industry to a new model based on clean, sustainable and renewable energies.

  • Talent acquisition (FUTTALENT)

    Seeking to achieve the excellence in the fields of teaching and research, Ad Futurum includes specific lines aimed at promoting the acquisition of new talents that are integrated in the university community.

  • International Graduate School

    The International Graduate School (IGS) is a key element of the project Ad Futurum and aims at providing multidisciplinary, top quality and appealing academic programmes at an international level.

  • Cluster of Biomedicine and Health

    This cluster brings together renowned groups working at the frontier of knowledge in relevant areas such as cancer, regenerative medicine, the use of stem cells or the ageing process.

  • Cluster of Energy, Environment and Climate Change

    This cluster is set to promote research focused on technological development and innovation with a special emphasis on the creation of Technology Base Innovative Companies and spin-offs.

  • Teaching of the 21st century

    Ad Futurum is intended to improve the international syllabus and reinforce career guidance in order to train students to enter in an ever globalized and competitive labour market.

  • International PhD School

    The International PhD School is an essential element in the development of the two clusters of Ad Futurum . It will be integrated in the International Graduate Centre and will offer multidisciplinary academic PhD programmes.

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Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Government of the Principality of Asturias in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence