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Energy Saving

The rational use of resources is clearly the basis for any sustainability policy. Therefore, the University of Oviedo includes in its project of Campus of International Excellence a comprehensive set of measures intended to reduce the energy consumption of the university facilities. Beyond the reduction in the expenses resulting from energy consumption, the main objective of these actions is to turn the University of Oviedo into a model for the whole society regarding the intelligent use of energy.

Among the measures focusing on energy saving, the project includes those ones intended to take advantage of the newest automatic control systems that allow for the rational consumption in university buildings. An Energy Information System is deployed in the different campuses in order to control -in real time- the consumption of electricity, gas and water, allowing the managers to take the most suitable decisions in every moment. In addition, a Facility Control System has been installed to meet the comfort requirements (lighting and heating) with the lowest possible use of the available resources.

This energy saving policy tends towards the outsourcing of Energy Management contracts with third parties (especially in the case of heat production chambers), relying on professionals to achieve the most efficient management. This programme includes a management system by which the outsourced companies will receive a share of the final savings achieved in the total consumption.

This strategy has been successfully implemented resulting in the removal of high polluting sources in the University of Oviedo (gas oil for heating systems and SWH production), contributing to the reduction in the pollution of the urban environment and the emission of greenhouse gasses.

Lighting represents a relevant contribution (around 65%) in the consumption of electrical energy of university facilities. Therefore, the project of Campus of International Excellence includes specific measures to achieve the optimization and rationalization of light consumption, such as the replacement of traditional lighting systems by modern ones with a long life cycle and higher efficiency, as well as the sectorization of circuits that allow for a rational use of this resource, especially when used near presence detectors, flux regulators, etc.

Medidor Led

The use of LED systems is one of the measures included in the Campus of International Excellence in order to reduce energy consumption.

Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Government of the Principality of Asturias in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence