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Cross Elements

AdFuturum relies on six strategic axes intended to improve the interaction of the University of Oviedo with its environment and streamline the service it provides by offering top quality academic programmes and leading research at an international level. In addition, the Campus of Excellence includes several cross elements that are clearly present throughout the whole project.

Chart showing the cross concepts explained below

Talent acquisition (FUTTALENT)
AdFuturum is clearly focused on talent acquisition in order to achieve the excellence in the fields of teaching and research. Therefore, the project is set to support young lecturers in their careers, rejuvenate the current teaching staff and design new programmes to allow for the integration of young international leading researchers.
Mentoring (FUTMENT)
Mentoring programmes rely on the counselling of new lecturers by those ones with long experience. One if the main objectives of the European Research Area is the promotion of the private investment in R & D & I (business mentoring). Frequently, research is not effectively transferred to society and to the industry. Besides, the technological needs of the industry are not always known or prioritized by the university. Therefore, this situation needs to be reverted in order to allow research to offer an appropriate answer to the needs and demands of society, promoting the knowledge transfer to society and stimulating the economic growth.
Internationalization (FUTINT)
AdFuturum is committed to promote new internationalization strategies in order to improve the visibility of the University of Oviedo in the international panorama. Therefore, several measures have been included in order to achieve this objective. Some of these actions approach the training of language skills and the promotion of interculturality, the increase in the number of international agreements, the start of new double and joint degrees, and the promotion of international mobility by means of teaching and research periods in strategic locations.
Promotion of entrepreneurial culture (FUTEMPRENDE)
The University of Oviedo is clearly committed to reinforce and enhance the Asturias business panorama, as it can be concluded by the manifold links between this institution and the productive and industrial sectors of our region. Indeed, since 2008 the University of Oviedo is a partner of the Programme for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship of the Principality of Asturias. Ad Futurum is set to promote entrepreneurship among graduates from the University of Oviedo by different measures, such as the business ideas contests, the technology seminars and workshops with lecturers and researchers, or the engagement of the companies in the degree final projects an the Master and PhD theses. The project of the Campus of International Excellence of the University of Oviedo aims at promoting entrepreneurial culture in the environment of the university community. Therefore, it proposes adding new courses on business creation and administration in degree and graduate programmes, the creation of an International Master in Entrepreneurship and the development of actions intended to create technology based companies and spin-offs.
Relation with companies (FUTEMPRESA)
AdFuturum proposes the creation of an Asturian Ecosystem of Knowledge. With this aim, the interaction with the industry and the business sectors is a key element approached in the proposal of the Campus of International Excellence of the University of Oviedo. In this framework, the project is set to promote innovation, creativity and the interaction with the companies, fostering student employability and promoting the integration of technicians and specialized staff in the companies of the Strategic Alliance.
Gender equality (FUTGEN)
Gender equality policies are a cross element in the Project AdFuturum. Indeed, the University of Oviedo is the only institution awarded with the Campus of International Excellence in 2009 that offers an Erasmus Mundus in Gender. Some of the actions intended to achieve life and work balance and promote gender equality are the following ones: creation of a Gender Equality Office, running an Annual Gender Equality Observatory, starting the Plan for Equal Opportunities, seminars and courses for the university community, counselling and psychological support in gender issues or the reduction of the gender gap in certain degrees.
Efficient management (FUTGEST)
In order to offer high quality teaching and obtain important results in leading research lines at an international level, AdFuturum aims to optimize and enhance university management systems to obtain more efficient procedures. Therefore, several measures are included to achieve a more efficient management of the virtual academic programmes as well as the integration of specialized staff in the Research Groups of the Strategic Alliance and the increase in the number of technicians working in R & D. The optimization of resources is also approached by using common areas and grouping related degrees in the same campus.

Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Government of the Principality of Asturias in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence