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CEI Calls

The development of Ad Futurum Project, within the programme of the International Campus of Excellence, has incorporated over the time a series of actions to strengthen its scope and lines of action. The University of Oviedo has achieved support for several proposals of this nature in diverse public calls.

If 2009 was the year when the hallmark of Campus of International Excellence was obtained, in 2010 the University reached support to develop some of the proposals called by the Ministry of Education in what was named Subprograma de Fortalecimiento (Sub-programme for the Strengthening). Specifically, "Desarrollo de centro de Formación Profesional en los campus" (Development of Professional Training centre in the campuses), "Creación de Escuelas de Doctorado y Escuelas de Postgrado Internacionales e Interuniversitarias" (Creation of International and Inter Universities schools for PhD and Post-graduate studies) and "Adaptación al Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior" (Adaptation to the EHEA) were selected. The funding for these actions amounted to 410.000 Euros.

In 2010, the funding given by the Ministry of Science and Innovation for the execution of R&D&I projects and Transfer in the INNOCAMPUS call, was also achieved with a proposal called "Acciones Estratégica en I+D+I y Transferencia: Internacionalización e Integración local en Asturias" (Strategic Actions in R&D&I and Transfer: Internationalization and local integration in Asturias). In that way, the project had over three million of Euros to boost these actions in both CEI's clusters and for transfer initiatives with companies.

Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Government of the Principality of Asturias in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence