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Sectorial conferences

Cartel del ciclo de conferencias

The cluster of Biomedicine and Health has organised a large number of lectures in order to encourage the creation of Research Groups Strategic Alliances .

Every meeting will be centred in one of the five strategic lines defined by Ad futurum project for the Cluster. The researchers linked to every line, coming from the University, Enterprises or Technologic Centres, could find a common forum to show their researching activity, their last progresses and their future development plan.

Thus, we want to support research, identify possible synergies and to promote collaborative work between researchers.

Sectorial conferences calendar

L1: Genomic and proteomic related to cancer and aging

Held the 30/03/2011

L2: Brain development and degeneration

Held the 2 of February 2011

L3: Biomedicine and drug development

Held the 16th of February 2011

L4: Regenerative medicine, tranplants and Implant

Held the 20th of December 2010

L5: Food production and Food technology

Held the 16th of March 2011

Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the Government of the Principality of Asturias in the framework of the Campus of International Excellence