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  • Convocatoria pública de quince becas de captación de jóvenes talentos para realizar estudios de Máster Universitario en la Universidad de Oviedo durante el curso 2012/2013

    Published on 20/07/2012


  • Premios Fundación 3M a la Innovación 2011

    Published on 21/07/2011

    La Fundación 3M organiza los "Premios a la Innovación" con la finalidad de estimular la investigación y la innovación tecnológica en los campos de la Industria, la Salud, la Seguridad y el Medio Ambiente entre los grupos de investigación e investigadores españoles, quienes podrán presentar proyectos que aporten ideas originales aplicables a las áreas antes mencionadas hasta el próximo 29 de julio.

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  • Premio de investigación en salud - Antonio Usero

    Published on 21/07/2011

    El Ayuntamiento de Ferrol y la Universidad de A Coruña convocan un premio de investigación en Salud, dotado con 12.000 €. Las candidaturas han de presentarse antes del 15 de septiembre de 2011.

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  • Activities of the Mapfre Foundation 2011

    Published on 22/06/2011

    The Mapfre Foundation has announced for this year 2011, a group of grants, research subventions and awards in the field of Health, Environment and Insurances. Some of these initiatives, closely related to the Cluster of Biomedicine and Health are described below:

    75 subventions, aimed at researchers or research groups, included in the academic and professional field, willing to develop research programmes in the fields of Health, Prevention, Environment and Insurances, in an independent way, or within the framework of Universities, companies or centres they are associated to. The maximum quantity of the subventions is 15.000 €, available in different areas:

    • Orthopedic surgery, traumatology and rehabilitation
    • Medullar injury and brain damage (except neurodegenerative diseases)
    • Body damage assessment
    • Health management: clinical quality and safety
    • Health promotion: food and physical exercise
    • Personal risks (domestic, sports, occupational)

    Deadline: 02/11/2011

    5 Grants for education in a foreign country aimed at Spanish experts on Health, worth 4.000€ in the following areas:

    • Orthopedic surgery, traumatology and rehabilitation
    • Medullar injury and brain damage (except neurodegenerative diseases)
    • Body damage assessment
    • Health management: clinical quality and safety
    • Health promotion: food and physical exercise

    Deadline: 17/10/2011

    1 Primitivo de Vega Grant, to carry out scientific work in the area of aged care

    Deadline: 19/10/2011

    Mapfre Foundation Awards

    • "Desarrollo de la Traumatología": for the best work related to translational or clinical research in orthopedic surgery or traumatology
    • "A toda una vida profesional": in recognition of a person older than 70 years old, for a fruitful career.

    Deadline: 02/11/2011

    More information at the website of the Foundation

  • Valdés Salas Foundation Applied Biomedicine Award

    Published on 29/10/2010

    The Valdés-Salas Foundation, sponsored by BAYER, the Asturian pharmaceutical cooperative (COFAS) and the National Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (FARMAINDUSTRIA) announce the first Edition of the Applied Biomedicine Award, aimed at rewarding a successful research developed by a company. The purpose of this award is to give recognition to the researcher and the company that have applied research results successfully, or have improved the efficiency of the production of existing products, the development of new products.


  • Applied Research FUO Award

    Published on 12/02/2011

    The University of Oviedo Foundation announces the first edition of its Applied Research Award, aimed at promoting young researchers and their incorporation to the R&D&i System of the Principado de Asturias, financing a stay in a prestigious research centre in a foreign country, which would be chosen by the person awarded, with the purpose of starting a new line of applied, new and relevant research when they come back to Asturias.


  • Lilly Foundation 2011 Biomedical Research Awards

    Published on 20/12/2010

    The LILLY FOUNDATION announces the Lilly Foundation 2011 Awards of Clinical and Pre-clinical Biomedical Research, for researchers who:

    A. Have contributed significantly to the development of Biomedicine and Health Sciences in Spain.

    B. Develop a research activity of a high scientific level.

    Objective: Promoting high quality Biomedical Research, clinical and preclinical, through awards to give recognition and support to those with excellent scientific careers.


  • Call for 2011 Zero Aging Projects, of the CSIC Foundation

    Published on 15/01/2011

    The General Foundation CSIC announces the first call for Zero Aging Projects for January, 15, aimed at promoting and financing high impact research dealing with this matter from different perspectives and points of view. The Call, with the support of a million euros given by La Caixa, is also sponsored by the CSIC and the Foundation itself.


  • Paula Estévez Grant for research on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia announced by the Sandra Ibarra Solidarity Foundation

    Published on 15/03/2011

    II Call for grants aimed at research on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Paula Estévez II Grant of the Sandra Ibarra Solidarity Foundation (15-02-2011) The Sandra Ibarra Foundation announces a public tender, with a subvention of 7000€, to develop a research project on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in any of its fields.


  • The Spanish Federation of Parkinson presents the fourth edition of the "Research on Parkinson's Disease FEP Awards"

    Published on 29/04/2011

    The Spanish Federation of Parkinson (FEP) with the collaboration of Caja Navarra Foundation and the company GlaxoSmithKline presents the fourth edition of the Research on Parkinson's disease FEP Awards. These awards are aimed at promoting scientific progress which means a significant improvement of the patient's quality of life, promoting the knowledge of the Parkinson's disease, and making society aware of the reality of this neurological disorder. 15.000€ will be granted, to be used in a year. The deadline to submit projects will end on June, 30, 2011.


  • IMI-2012-Draft

    Published on 20/04/2011

    The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) will announce its fourth call in the middle of June, 2011. Detailed information about the 7 subjects that will be financed is already available:

    European Health Information System:

    • Establishing a European Health Information System to improve research and health systems.
    • eTRIKS: European Translational Research Infrastructure and Knowledge Management Services.

    Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control:

    • Mechanisms to link and distribute biological macromolecules.
    • Biopharmaceutical tools to predict in vivo the oral use of drugs.
    • Sustainable Chemistry – Drug development for the 21st Century

    Technology and understanding diseases at the molecular level.

    • Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPS) for the discovery of drugs and safe evaluation.
    • Understanding and optimizing binding kinetics to discover drugs.

    The Cluster is available for any further questions.


  • FP7-Health-2012 - ORIENTATION PAPER

    Published on 06/05/2011

    The draft of the 2012 call related to Health, of the VII Marco Programme, has been published with a very tight deadline. This Call will show special emphasis on translational research (translation of discoveries to clinical applications, including the scientific validation of experimental results), development and validation of new therapies, methodologies to promote health and prevention, including the promotion of children's health, tools for medical diagnosis, medical technologies and efficient and sustainable health systems. The Cluster of Biomedicine and Health offers support to develop proposals, look for partners and solve doubts.


  • Subventions for the development of scientific research projects, development and technological innovation, projects included in the Area of strategic performances, or in the area of the Institute of the Elderly and Social Services.

    Published on 11/05/2011

    The National Plan of Scientific Research, Development and Technological Innovation (2008-2011), envisages the development of actions to finance scientific research projects, development and technological innovation related to dependency and universal accessibility, and the improvement of the citizen's quality of life; all these projects would be included in the framework of a strategic performance related to health, particularly in its third line of action.


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